It’s Official, Stories Are Completely Overrated Now

By: Marc Frias

The year was 2013 and Snapchat was on the rise to becoming a top contender for the social media market. It was edgy, it was new, and most of all it was fun. Snapchat achieved this by featuring messages that deleted themselves and featuring stories that deleted after 24 hours. These features were upgraded with filters and every teenager I knew started using it! For a while, Snapchat was the only platform that had this feature. Then the year 2016 happened.

Instagram stole Snapchat’s thunder by featuring stories. Within weeks, Instagram had 100 million people using the feature (Newton, Casey). If that wasn’t hard to swallow, Instagram also added a new feature which allowed people to go back and look back through stories instead of forward. Within months, Snapchat added that feature to their platform (n.a.), but then more apps started stealing Snapchat’s thunder including Whatsapp and Messenger.

However, Snapchat still had an edge over the competition. The filters and the news feature still allowed Snapchat to differentiate itself. Not to mention the deleting message feature is still their platforms most prevalent and most recognized feature. Snapchat could still stand, but not grow as it previously did. It looked like Snapchat had barely grazed through and it paid off. Then Facebook Stories happened.

Facebook stories features filters and also delete in 24 hours (Isaac, Mike). What makes this different from Instagram Stories is that Facebook has 1.23 billion active users compared to Snapchat’s 150 million user base (n.a.). That is a big difference in term of age demographics. With Facebook companies taking all of Snapchat’s features on all their apps, it is basically trying to sell Snapchat out. It is only a matter of time before Snapchat seizes to have market value unless they continuously innovate. With the over saturation of copying ideas, Twitter seems to be the only social media site that is truly standing out.





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There is Nothing Chill About Netflix’s Social Media

Written by: Channing Nuttall

Netflix is a company founded in 1997 in the U.S. off a subscription based model. With the unique way that Netflix releases each of its seasons all at once, it can be difficult to keep users engaged on their social channels. The company’s Facebook has the largest following with 32.3 million likes. When it comes to engagement, Netflix has it down on Facebook. The streaming service is constantly replying to customers and making an effort for their concerns to be addressed. An example of the company’s winning techniques on social can be seen by a post that was added Monday.

Credit: Netflix Facebook

You can even see that Netflix has responded to a comment with a comical gif. This post also shows that the company is creating content that users want to share because it is relatable.

On Twitter Netflix’s following is quite smaller with a measly 2.91 million followers. While the company does not have as many followers on Twitter, the content is just as great. They can retweet their followers content which gives a stronger bond between the brand and the user while encouraging others to Tweet at Netflix to be featured. The company responds to users across Twitter as though they were talking with a friend regardless if they are famous or an ordinary person.

Credit: Netflix Twitter

Netflix’s Instagram account has 3.3 million followers which is more than their Twitter. The company choses to post on this platform around five times a week as to not overpopulate their follower’s feeds. They also do a great job of using Instagram for just photos rather than short video clips. They keep followers interested by posting various photos with most of them needing the caption for more context.

Credit: Netflix Instagram

The company’s social media also works to build anticipation for future additions to the streaming service. This is ideal for their model because most of their customers enjoy binge watching and highly anticipate new seasons of their favorite Netflix shows.


Dallas Nightlife, a Quick Overview

By: Ruben Garcia | @kingrubencito


Dallas is a central hub for everything. Dallas is the third largest city in the state of Texas and the ninth largest city in the United States. Businesses, entertainers, shoppers, etc. flock to Dallas for the latest trends. For entertainment purposes, Dallas has much to offer as far as concert venues, nightclubs, and bars.

Uptown Dallas has infamous top-notch bars such as The Den, Concrete Cowboy, and Clutch. These are the “hip” bars where much of the 21-30 crowd goes. Uptown caters to more of the upscale crowd where everyone dresses to impress and you will most likely find a local and famous celebrity.  Southern Methodist University (SMU) is down the street so you will see a mix of frat guys, sorority girls, Dallas locals, and businessmen in suits chugging a beer.

Traveling Man

Just around the corner of Downtown Dallas, you will find Deep Ellum. Here you will find the hipster, Tumblr-users, aesthetics crowd that loves to enjoy vibes and take cool Instagram pictures. If you go to the location tab and click on Deep Ellum, Texas and scroll through, you are bound to find many artsy Instagram users and photographers who love to take pictures since Deep Ellum is a huge art deco area that was transformed from old industrial buildings. Hotspots here are bars like Punk Society, which plays the Top 40, Salseras, a hip-hop/latin nightclub, and other small hole-in-the-wall bars that play disco music, Erykah Badu, and upcoming artists.

An upcoming neighborhood, Bishop Arts District, is a transformation of old houses and small warehouses that host many boutiques, bars, and restaurants. This neighborhood is in the middle of Oak Cliff and has recently been in a heated debate between the city and home owners in the area because of the Manhattan Project. This project has demolished homes of people who have lived in the area for decades and raised property taxes for the neighborhood, originally a low-income area that has been gentrified. Nonetheless, a great place to shop and dine.


Love and Hatred Collide To Bring Your Box Office Results

The Justice League trailer is out! Now calm down because it will be talked about for the next few months until it arrives at theatres, is either fairly decent or fairly abysmal and yet will receive the same box office success regardless. What is said on Twitter and Facebook will drive that success.

“Look how terrible the CGI is on Cyborg!” That just gave the movie two tickets. Any action deserves an equal reaction, thus the system perpetuates. The system does not change unless we stop talking about it. Here I am talking about it. No tickets will be sold because of me since my followers are nonexistent.

Oh, and the Cyborg looks terrible because not only has filming not wrapped, but also the people that are tasked to create the special effects have just sat down. These people work 90 hour weeks, barely eating or seeing their family to create these passion projects and make a very average salary. Especially if they would like to roam Dallas and eat out with the cool kids.

We fill up the screen with so many stars just to have a percentage of the population maybe to talk about one. Performances are slap-dish anyway in a team of 8 with maybe 2 big villains and enough supporting characters to make the story scream full speed and crash at the end with enough spectacle to make you forget that the rest of the movie was just buildup. Then we tweet about it just to fall asleep and feel the notifications warm us like the sun.

Movie producers today are worried about what will you tweet about. I loved Moonlight but the twitters from everyone involved in the movie all were contracted to mention the movie everyday and even wear the cover of the film as their cover photo.


He looks like a toy from the guy that brought us brutalized toys and realistic looking cartoons.




Via Instagram

Eliah Davila | @essenceofeliah

Within the past few months I have seen an increase of photos of missing children on my social media platforms. Recently if you have been plugged in to social media you would also notice that the new hashtag raising awareness is #MISSINGDCGIRLS. This hashtag is being shared nationally among users and even celebrities. People are voicing their concern with the number of missing girls that are included in the DC police department’s social media posts. The hashtag is also being tied with concerns of the young girls being involved with sex trafficking. The DC police is very grateful about the eagerness to get these young girls home. Although, the police spoke up to assure the public that the number of missing children has not increased from past years it has declined. The DC commander Chanel Dickerson has admitted to using twitter as a platform to raise awareness of missing children in hopes to be transparent with the public and to safely reunite children with their parents. Twitter is an active platform for the DC police to release these reports. The police expressed that most children have left their homes voluntarily and that there is no evidence of an increase amount of sex trafficking in correlation to the missing girls. Washington DC assures the public that many of the young girls stated missing on their Twitter are successfully returned home thanks to users sharing information on the missing girls. Social media posts such as an Instagram post picturing many young black girls with a caption stating “14 Girls Have Gone Missing in the Last 24 Hours” has been settled by the police saying this claim is not true and that fourteen girls have not gone missing within a twenty-four hour period at all in DC. The city is thankful that everyone is concerned in the safety of missing children and wants to continue to raise awareness of the missing children but the police urge the public not to post false claims about the problem in their area. It is very necessary that the public shares truthful information about the problem in DC. Police using their Twitter platform to share useful information to help get children home safely is important and innovative. In the past missing children were shared on a milk carton and slowly distributed. Now with social media we can share urgent information much faster than before. With so much awareness to the situation the federal government has stepped in to investigate if this is an anomaly or if there is a problem under the surface with the alarming amount of concern from the public. As the investigation proceeds we all hope that each child is brought home safe and healthy and proud that as a nation we are standing together in a problem that is important to all of us.


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Dallas Museum of Art uses Social Media to get people excited about upcoming exhibit…

By Tehquin Hampton

I was recently casually scrolling on Facebook on my phone when a random sponsored Facebook post come up from the Dallas Museum of Art. The caption simply read “Frida is in the building”, the video under shows people bringing the famous Frida Kahlo paintings into the building. I am not an avid art follower by any means but this post got me excited out the art pieces being here in Dallas. I’ve seen the movie about Frida’s life so I thought it would be great to see these paintings in real life. I shared the post and so many of my friends were liking and commenting on the post, I even got a few shares. The traveling exhibit is called México 1900–1950: Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo, José Clemente Orozco, and the Avant-Garde. The exhibit showcases 50 years of modern Mexican art.

Image result for dallas museum of art      Image result for frida kahlo paintings

Image source:

Image source:

The Dallas Museum of Art is doing a great job with social media promotion. Many of my friends and I would never be aware of this exhibit if it was just word of mouth or in the newspaper. I was surprised to see so many of my friends wanting to go see the art exhibit as well, I have already seen a few a my friends go see the exhibit on snapchat already. With there being such great promotion of the exhibit there will be attendance which will get the museum to get more funding to get even more art shown to the masses that would have probably not have been exposed to the arts.


How Brands Can Avoid Fake News

By: Taylar Gomez

fake news

Photo Source: Tech Republic 

Fake news is all around us and almost impossible to avoid. It has become difficult for consumers to differentiate the truth from the fiction. Advertising the correct message is important for brands. If they are backing up a false statement it could jeopardize their business and lose the trust of their customer. There are a few ways to help make sure that a business is not running ads on a website promoting fake news.

Using a whitelist to separate your ad space is a good way to avoid being featured on fake news website. A whitelist makes sure that your ads are only appearing on website that you have listed as credible. Additionally, a business could utilize a blacklist to ensure where their ads are showing up is correct. A blacklist is a list created with all of the websites that a business does not want their ads to show up on. This helps eliminate any potential fake news websites from interfering with the business objective. In an article from Social Media Today, it is suggested that businesses can hire a expert in fraud to manage their campaign and make sure that their ads are only appearing on websites they approve of.

There are a few tips for consumers to avoid reading fake news. As a consumer searching the web, you should make sure the material you are reading is true. One way to do this is to check where the story appears and make sure it looks authentic. Make sure that the headline is not click-bait and is true to what the article is explaining. In an article by Black Enterprise, it is stated that a good way to make sure you aren’t reading fake news is to check for grammatical errors within the site or article.



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