Think before you click send…. By Jeremy Eackles

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When you explain social media to an older person, they may not know exactly what you’re talking about or how it works.  It may be the first time they’ve even heard those two words put together.  But there is one thing I can guarantee, most of them will say when it comes to having a personal social media account: “Think before you click send!”

There have been many people who have lost their jobs because of the content they have posted on their personal social media accounts.  It is unfortunate that a person can lose their job because of the terrible decision of posting content that can come off as bad.  Many employers are actually doing background checks on potential employees before they actually hire them.  When I did my internship at the Tom Joyner Foundation, my boss told me that they always go through the dreaded personal social media check, and they always find content that makes them hesitant to want to hire someone.

In my Strategic Social Media class, I learned that when you post something on social media, it is on the server forever.  That means when you click delete, the content you posted is not really gone for good.  Therefore, we as future employees have to be more cognizant of what we post.  We must also be aware of our surroundings.  We could be out at the club acting a fool, and someone could record that on their phone and post it to their social media without us knowing.  Let’s take Philadelphia Eagles Wide Receiver Riley Cooper for example: He was at a Kenny Chesney concert having a good time till he did something that will probably haunt him for the rest of his career.  He decided to use the N-word multiple times without knowing that he was being recorded on someone’s cell phone.  Unfortunately for Riley Cooper, this video was posted all over social media and became a trending topic.  Now Riley Cooper has to forever deal with this in a league that is over 75 percent black.  This just shows that we have to be aware of what we do and say when it comes to social media because we know that it is everywhere now.

The moral of this blog post is simple.  We must be aware of what we do and post to our social media.  It is the new paparazzi for people who aren’t rich and famous. We don’t want to give our future employers a reason not to hire us, and now that we know our post are on a server forever, we must be more aware.  For all the great things social media has to offer, we must realize that it can come with some bad too.  But we can easily avoid the bad, and let our personal social media accounts work to its advantage by marketing ourselves in a respectful way.

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