The Internet: A Blessing or A Curse?

Has the Internet been a blessing or a curse to our generation, to our society, to human interaction?

Even Albert Einstein feared that technology would surpass human interaction.
Even Albert Einstein feared that technology would surpass human interaction.

With the increasing research, marketing and communication capabilities, the Internet has completely evolved how society operates day to day. People take to Facebook to gossip about celebrities and share where they dined for lunch, they take to Twitter to complain to Pizza Hut about their incorrect delivery order and Instagram to document where they ate lunch this afternoon. We have rapidly switched from slow to extremely fast communication but has it gone a bit too far?

Sure it’s neat that I can search for restaurants near me and be given the option to sift through various types of food, price points and locations in the matter of seconds; and isn’t it grand that I can take to Facebook to find out more information than actually necessary on the friend of a friend my roommate wants to set me up with!? The Internet is a truly powerful tool but has social media encouraged people to perpetrate hatred rather than spread joy? Has the power of instantaneous communication affected the way in which the human race has interacted?

As I scroll through my Facebook News Feed I see comment after comment and story after story of kids making fun of a Down Syndrome patient, terrorist groups beheading American journalists, and just down right cruel words being thrown around the Internet as if they don’t take any effect on other people. I began noticing that it’s not just teens being bullied or doing the bullying but people of all ages, ethnicity and religions were participating in hateful and negative communication via social media. Then I began to notice that even celebrities have become the victim of online abuse and even those that publicly discourage cyber bullying participate in online discussion of celebrities in a negative manner.

The internet has become a forum that encourages people to share their thoughts, ideas, experiences and opinions but I believe that it has caused a huge disconnect in our society. I’m all for free speech, but I think social media has encouraged the bullying to go just a little too far. Put down your phone and go give someone a hug. Put down your phone and go engage in face to face communication with someone. Put down your phone and cultivate kindness!