The Flaw In Social Media

Ever since social media became popular people have been grateful for all the good things and opportunities it has brought society. It has made finding a job easier. It has helped people reconnect with their families and friends. People use it for fun. It has provided many with jobs. It makes a lot of people’s jobs easier. It has provided so much for so many people. Overall it has been a great benefit to our society. Although it has done great things for our society, nothing is perfect and everything has its flaws. Often times people forget that nothing is perfect when it comes to social media. They forget that everything comes with a price essentially.

One of the biggest flaws of social media is not knowing if the person is actually who they say they are. Social media makes it easier for a person to lie about who they are because there isn’t face to face communication. Each person could hide behind their computers and tell you they are someone that they are not. This makes trusting people on social media difficult. There are over a million fake profiles made on social media. People are constantly making accounts pretending to be someone else.There is even a show dedicated to help people learn the true identities of the people they have been communicating with online. The show is called Catfish. You can read more about it here.  Every episode the two guys featured in the show help different people figure out if the person they are talking to online is really who they say there are. The two guys use their “skills” to see if the person is really who they say they are. In most cases the people have been “catfished” and they have to accept that the person that they were talking to is not who they say they were.

Most people make these accounts just for entertainment but what about the people that make the accounts for alternative motives. What about the people that make these accounts too harm other people. Many people have made fake accounts to kidnap young girls. They have made these accounts to murder the people that they are talking too. It can become difficult to track these people down because they have made fake profiles and hid who they are. In Maine one man is on trail for the murder of a young girl after he used a fake Facebook profile to meet up with her and kidnap her. You can read more about it here. A young girl lost her life believing and trusting in social media, and she is not the first and wont be the last. (Jeremy Kirk, 2014)
(Jeremy Kirk, 2014)

Do you think that social media sites should do more to make sure that people are who they say they are?

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