How to Find and Remove Fake Followers From Twitter and Instagram

Sarah Sanguinet

The chances are extremely high that many people have fake followers and are following fake accounts on Twitter and Instagram. Having fake followers and/or following fake accounts on social media are a smart thing to get rid of.  They can post false information, can expose you to spam and can even result in your account being deleted. In addition, they are not credible sources and it’s important to protect your privacy and safety. There are several tools or apps people can use to get rid of and prevent these fraudulent occurrences. The company Status People developed the “Fakers app” to check fake and empty Twitter accounts. The app will give you a report that gives you percentages on how many of your followers are fake and how many accounts are inactive.

fakers app

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There is another tool called Fakefollowers created by Socialbakers, which is a social analytics company. This tool allows someone to check a random sample of 100 of their followers based on a certain criteria: follower-to-following ratio or a high percentage of tweets that are retweeted. A twitter account is considered inactive if it hasn’t tweeted in the past 90 days or has posted three or less tweets.

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A similar tool to Fakefollowers is something called TwitterAudit.  TwitterAudit also takes a random sample of followers from the Twitter account and also bases it off the the number of recent tweets by date.

For Instagram, a tool was developed called IGExorcist. This always you to check for “ghost” followers known as spam or fake and inactive accounts. IGExorcist checks accounts that haven’t liked or commented on someone’s photo within 300 days which then will remove any of those accounts.


All of these tools are free for all account holders to use. According to these four apps, they may not be 100% accurate meaning not all accounts are going to be fake. These sites and applications I think are extremely helpful though because I definitely don’t like following accounts that can expose me to spam nor do I want fake accounts following me.  It just creates unnecessary content on your timeline and information that might not even be true.


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