Spell and grammar check: Use it!

(By: Scott Sidway)

I don’t know about you, but whenever I am reading a blog, news story, or any type of post on social media, I immediately cast a judgmental eye upon poor spelling and grammar.

It may seem shallow in the social media sphere we live in (especially considering Twitter’s 140 character limit), but it is a reality that many people immediately shut down when stumbling across a blatant grammar or spelling error in a post. It particularly can affect people when the post is made in a professional setting.

The way I see it, what people read online is nearly the equivalent to what people read in books, newspapers, or magazines in the past. For example, if you picked up the Dallas Morning News or the Denton Record Chronicle and noticed a run-on sentence in one of the first two paragraphs, what would be the likelihood that you’d keep reading?

Credit: Shehemedia

In an era where anyone can post just about anything at the click of a finger, it is more important than ever to be cognizant of how you structure your posts. With ease of posting comes ease of error and carelessness, which could potentially lead to a diminishing audience.

Not only could poor grammar and spelling diminish your personal audience, but it could also diminish the audience for an entity you represent. In an age where so many media members tweet their breaking news through personal accounts as opposed to funneling it through a larger account (IE: AP, CNN, ESPN, etc), sometimes YOUR personal tweet can affect that of the company.

All of this said, I very rarely see professionals in the industry making egregious spelling errors that make me want to cast the judgmental eye I alluded to earlier. But amongst my peers in college that are pursuing a quick job right after they graduate? That’s where I see spelling and grammar treated like something that no one really pays that much attention to.

But in reality, everything you post on social media, no matter the content, can and may be seen by a potential employer someday. So do yourself a favor and make sure that every post that comes out of your IP Address is as pristine as possible.