I’m NOT on Facebook!

After hearing from the guest speaker, Amber Freeland, about various social media pages for businesses, I decided to further look into Facebook for businesses since to me I felt it Facebook is a bit more confusing than other social media pages.

I found two articles, one saying basically all businesses should be on Facebook, and another against businesses on Facebook. Both points of view were interesting to read and each had valid points. They both discussed engagement and why they feel customers do or don’t want to hear from them.

One of the main points made on the side against Facebook, was that most successful businesses don’t post or are rarely even on. If customers want to get ahold of a business they’ll three times more likely to try to find the businesses website instead of searching on social media. The article also goes on to say that these customer relationships trying to be created don’t always work, and that in the end, resort back into being ads on Facebook pages.

I understand what Sam Fiorella is trying to say with this article. People on Facebook tend to be more focused on communicating with family and friends instead of businesses. That a business shouldn’t be wrapped around social media pages too much and should provide a better website for the business to invest in. But if Facebook is free, why not? As a business you might as well try to get out there in any way possible. What if your competitor doesn’t have a Facebook page? That would put you in the lead and possibly higher in Google search.

The positive article for Facebook had quite a few flaws to me, the article seemed focused a bit more on likes than actual engagement. It said paying for more Page Like Ads did so much, and showed an example. But, engagement should be what makes consumer relationships. The article also said he was more focused on driving traffic instead of engagement. So did getting more likes on Facebook drive up his traffic? I don’t know if engagement should be completely thrown out the window, but traffic is important. Especially, if you have a separate shop or something to have consumers look at your products.

Overall, it was eye opening to see both viewpoints on Facebook. And I would just have to agree more with being on Facebook than off of it. It’s better to me to at least be present and aware of people on it than just not even have one. It could make your business look better to someone, who knows?

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