Hillary’s big Announcement


Rally Held In New York For Hillary Clinton


Today Hillary Rodham Clinton announced something we already knew. She is once again running for United States president in 2016. To announce her presidency she used the non-traditional route.

On her official YouTube account Hillary posted a two-minute video titled “getting started” at the end of the Video Hillary declared, that she was running for president. The YouTube video racked up over 5,700 subscribers on YouTube and through Facebook the Video got more than 607,000 views and 20,000 shares.

Even on twitter the former US secretary of state collected almost 100,000 retweets and 90,000 favs. Some say social media is the official platform for Democrats, and I think they are right.

During the 2012 US presidential campaign, President Obama was the first to Presidential candidate to use social media effectively as a major campaign strategy.  During his campaign he would use social media to send out voting reminders on Twitter and would interact with people on Facebook.

yes-we-can-twitter  President Obama dominated the social media space because his campaign team how social media worked. Obama social media use during his 2012 run proved that the real power in social media wasn’t in how many posts or tweet you got, but on how much you engaged with other on social media.

For Hillary Clinton to use the same techniques as the Obama campaign was a smart move. The world is filled with technology. People are no longer watching TV as much as they used to. Everyone has their heads down looking at their phones or tablets.

Republicans might need to take some “how to” classes on social media if they plan on winning any future elections.  Social media is no longer a “new frontier” for political campaigning. It is now the normal and central form of communications.

Social media and other network structures should be given serious attention regarding media strategy. It doesn’t matter if the platform is used for politicians, an organizations, or brands. It is a great way to connect and reach out to people.

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