Netflix & Chill

Netflix & Chill: The Effect of Social Media

Netflix and chill…the gateway drug to sex. Actually it means just that. If you’ve ever been asked to “Netflix & Chill” then you too have probably been a victim to an unplanned hook up. Now this phrase didn’t always mean what it does today. At one point in time it simply meant watching Netflix and chilling out. I find it incredibly fascinating and a bit creepy that social media has this type of power. It is able to transform simple words and phrases into something they were not intended to be. I’m not saying I hate this or that I’m against it in anyway, because I too am guilty of using this term amongst others. I’m just briefly stating how crazy and yet so normal it is/has become in today’s world. This phrase had no sexual type of meaning attached to it up until the beginning of 2014. It was just two nonsexual activities that were done in a simultaneous manner. Now this phrase is widely known across the world as a key phrase to “hooking up”. I would have never guessed that I’d be sitting here contemplating whether or not I wanted to “Netflix & Chill” with a member of the opposite sex. I can’t even use this phrase anymore without people assuming that I’m trying to engage in a sexual interaction. On the other hand, it does sound better than “let’s hook up” and it gives it a more of a flirtatious feel to it. It also makes it easier to bring into a conversation without sounding like a pedophile/creep. How insane is that? I for one cannot wait to see what other simple phrases will be changed in the near future. I hope that “Chores & Chill” could become a thing because tbh I’m tired of my folding my own laundry. Seriously…make this a thing. Please. Social media has the ability and power to change anything in people’s minds to whatever we want them to be. We use that power to help us get laid and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Faith in humanity restored. One last note, I would like to express my anger for people ruining this term. Sometimes I just want to “Netflix and Chill” and not “Netflix and “Chill””. Now I find myself having to sign a terms of agreement just to watch a movie with someone. Thank you for ruining my life and now I’m hungry. Good day…I said good day!

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By: Laith Hussein

Netflix & Chill
Netflix & Chill: The effect of Social Media

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