It has over 300 million monthly active users, 55 million photos uploaded each day, more than billion likes each month. It is growing in popularity and many brands decide to include it in their social media campaign. Here are few things to keep in mind when representing brand on Instaram.

5 Quick Tips on Instagram for Your Brand

  1. Actualization

Try to post on your Insagram how often you need to. It is alright to post more than once a day, but on the day you don’t have a great content don’t force it. Never post the same content, instead always come up with something fresh and original.

  1. Be Active

Interaction with your followers is one of the biggest rules of any social media channel. Engage in discussion with other users, answer their questions and replay to their comments. Be proactive and creative in your communication. Get interest in your followers’ accounts, and show them appreciation by liking their picture or account, and at the same time you will build relationships with them.

  1. Hashtags

Don’t forget to use cleaver hashtags in captions. You can be very creative with #hashtags because social media loves them! Make up hashtags for your campaign, so the people from all over the world can find you.

  1. Trends

Be aware of others and what are they doing. Always keep an eye on trending topics and hashtags in your profession. Staying on top trends and ability to adopt early are the key factors in social media communications.

  1. Behind the scenes

The brand’s website along with other social media outlets like Facebook or Twitter are places for official communication with your audience. On the other hand, Instagram is a place where followers can see behind the scenes images. Pictures posted to Instagram should show another side to our brand, or how the projects are coming to life. The account should provide first-hand materials which other users will like, or content that could be used by others in publications.

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