Is there room for Christianity in Journalism? by Ashley M. Boyd.

blog 2_picBoth my parents are ordained ministers.

Loosely translated, I’m a Preacher’s Kid. 

So, double the pressure. Double the prayer talks.

Imagine the looks on my folks face when I tell them that I’ll be attended the School of Journalism.

“What does that have to do with God?”

“What does he say regarding the media?”

“Well, you can’t compromise your faith to cover a story.”

All of these questions and accusations came up, and rightfully so.

I agree that while journalism is a respectable and honest trade, it is often construed as messy and dangerous depending on the topic and story.

While I take pride in the things that I learn, the stories I cover and being an active part of my community, I aim first to honor Christ in all that I do.

So, I took a cue from my parents and I turned to the one source that would clear up my confusion about God’s feelings of the media: THE BIBLE.

I located several scriptures and stories that summed up the heart of what we do as journalists.

For example, Ephesians 5:11 stated “Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them.”

Each scripture outlined what the initially attracted me to journalism; exposing the things of this world so that others might learn and educate themselves.

In my study, I came across a great post from a couple years back that touched on the challenge of Christian Journalism.

Collin Hansen tells of his personal struggle with balancing his life as a trained preacher and journalist. He explains the tension between the two and requests mutual understanding from both groups.

“The changing media climate holds us accountable to act on what we profess. We know the gory details of pastoral ministry require great discretion with the delicate troubles entrusted to our care.”

While it is encouraging that others have walked this path before me, it works only to solidify what I already know to be true.

That my faith cannot waiver and journalism is a necessity.

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