Is TV Stronger Than Ever, or Become Obsolete?

There has been rumors on how longer will the people will have access to watch television. You can say that

television views have been down for the past decade due to technology and the internet itself has evolved along the way. The creation of social media and streaming websites has altered the way we watch rather it’s on the go or sitting at home. I still believe has still a couple of decades left before
somebodycreates something that could replace television entirely, but that remains to be seen. The reason why I say that is because I make television as the same comparison as CD’s. Even with all kinds of MP3 players, music streaming devices there is still many CD that people many still use today. I even looked at an article and it explains that television ad revenue has been going up since 2011. Most people believe that due to sport events such as football, basketball, and even baseball has kept television alive with the in between commercials and ads that go on through timeout sessions. In all honesty, it’s a creative for the viewer or fans of whatever see all kinds of commercials and they cannot turn away from the channel due to sport events cannot skip commercial ads such as internet websites such as Youtube or Netflix. There’s no doubt in my mind that television has its moments to hold its own against the mobile competition, but the example that I just mentioned needs to be more ideas like this to keep viewers on the television screen and benefit from it. It’s more of to give a reason for the viewer to watch their shows, movies, games, etc

on television rather than online. As I said before that remains to be seen.

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