Truth About Smoking

Hayden Cornelius

Strategic Social Media (JOUR4270)

Professor Apaliski

20 September 2015

Truth About Smoking

Social Media Class Blog #2



           A recent advertisement made by the anti-smoking company “Truth” has been receiving massive amounts of both praise and criticism. The ad is called “It’s a Trap” and was released on August 27, 2015. The ad is pretty simple and essentially depicts teens/college students at a party talking about the excuses for why they smoke cigarettes only to be interrupted by strange fictional characters that announce, “it’s a trap”. “Truth” has been on a mission to stop teens and young adults from smoking for quite some time so you may be asking yourself, “what’s so wrong with that?” Although I personally encourage the actions of “Truth” and their ad campaign against smoking, there are many who believe that there is a hidden agenda involved.

The majority of these conspiracies claim that the company is promoting satanic behavior and subliminally trying to corrupt the minds of our youth. First, the main thumbnail for the video has a unicorn (seen in the video) vomiting rainbows onto a girl smoking a hookah. Unicorns are known to be used in a lot of satanic cult imagery but can also represent Christ or purity in the bible. Conspirators are saying that by portraying the unicorn in such a ridiculous, cartoon way that they are actually mocking Christ and promoting Satan. On their website you can also find lots of satanic imagery, such as people using devil horns and hand symbols for 666 as well.

I personally think that these people are looking too far into all of this but to each their own. Their main goal is to stop smoking and I see nothing wrong with that. I think the ‘satanic imagery’ is just a coincidence because everything the company stands for is positive and promotes a positive message. I see no point in a company like this trying to ‘secretly’ promote a satanic cult of some sort.


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