Teens, Self Esteem and Social Media

For many people in the advertising and marketing worlds social media provides a platform that is praised by many within these professional fields. Social media has provided a tool to these professionals that proves to be invaluable asset to accomplishing many goals and campaigning for different brands. However, social media when in the hands of some American adolescents seems to be one that can greatly affect the young psyche. Young people have started to find personal value in their social media accounts. This means that if they do not maintain a certain number of followers between their social media accounts and likes on their posts then they are not achieving self-satisfaction that is positive for their mentality. This is not a healthy concept to have for developing young minds who are undergoing many changes in their lives. In fact, it is a very negative ideal to have that a person’s self-worth is dependent upon their social media status. This is a trend largely seen in young girls who when not reaching their desired reach on a social media platform can sometimes enter into stages of depression. In fact, some girls have been reported as committing suicide because they did not feel as though they were popular and well like due to their perception to others on social media. In order to combat this ongoing trend parents and teachers need to be aware of warning signs that young girls can sometimes display when they are undergoing a point of turmoil in their lives. Parents also need to be aware of the time spent on social maria accounts and what exact social media accounts that they are using to better combat the impending downward spiral that their children can potentially enter into. Social media sites can also be used to bully classmates which is another reason why monitoring should be used.

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