Social Media and Business

By: Faith Hunt

It is no secret that social media has become a must do when it comes to business, especially if you are building a new brand. Social media has become a platform for any business. Using social media to your business’s business is something any smart entrepreneur would c
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apitalize off of. What makes using social media for your business so beneficial is the interaction you get to have. You get to control what your customers see as well as gain immediate feedback and comments. You can also use analytic tools that can tell you how many people are really interacting with your social media. It is something that is simple, easy to use, and most importantly it is FREE! I think sominess to reach out to their customers in a quick and efficient fashion. etimes people are turned off by the time consumption it takes to run a good social media campaign, but it costs nothing to do and when done right I can really bring in some sales and revenue. Social Media can also help gain and attract new customers. For example, if my business is using twitter and I post a sale that is going on, if one of my followers retweets that tweet then all of their followers will see the tweet as well driving more people to my profile. The benefits of having multiple social media platforms outweigh any negatives that some people suggest it has. People are becoming famous and overnight successes strictly from using social media and everything it has to offer correctly. Businesses who chose not take advantage of social media find that it is harder to drive in customers to their establishment. This is because customers do not know what is going on within the establishment which causes them to forget. People remember what they see, so if they are constantly seeing deals and coupons about a certain company, that company will be fresh on their mind. Social Media is something all businesses should consider investing in.

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