The Rise of Social Media Platforms and Users in Nigeria.

By Joy Omokore

Social Media

In recent times, there have been growing numbers of young-adults using different social media platforms in Nigeria. For example, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms to express their views about ongoing issues in the country- From the bring back our girls campaign in 2014 to the general election that took place in 2015. In recent times, all Nigerians have unrestricted access to social media. However, the youths are frequent users of these social networks.

Ogbe stated that in the ’90s, Nigerians had fewer access to technologies, especially computers and mobile phones. Facebook has over 16 million Nigerians using their platform in the last five years, but lately they have lost active users to other mobile chat apps such as WhatsApp and 2go.The elimination of the fuel subsidy in 2012 by the former President, President Goodluck Jonathan sparked outrage and a mass protest was put together by people on Twitter. According to African practice, Tweets were sent every second throughout the protest. The crusade showed that Nigerians are capable of using social networks as a weapon to fight for justice and their rights.

Presently, businesses are promoting their brands through social media by engaging their customers, and providing services to them. The people are becoming the brand and the media. According to Africa practice, journalists rely on social media today to investigate stories. People are exposed and as a result of this, Blogging and micro-blogging are popular becoming than ever before. Social media has impacted Nigerian youths positively and Nigerians at large. Youths are educated and well informed on global issues and are able to scrutinize actions of government officers. Also, social media serves as a medium where unemployed Nigerians go to in order to be aware of job opportunities around the world.

Nevertheless, social media has imparted the Nigerian society in both positive and negative ways, but the good thing is that positive overshadows the negative. Recently, the legislators are trying to pass a law that will infringe people’s ability to use social media. The bill if approved will bring Nigerians back to the time of military rule when the media was totally suppressed.

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