Real People Behind the Meme

We all have seen it, and laughed at them and of course share them and retweet them etc. But do we know who the person in the meme picture is? Well I recently just read an article that changed my mind of the memes I normally send to my friends and family.

The answer is yes! The person in the image is real and each of them have feelings too. A lot of times we are the reason people kill them selves, or just simply do stupid things. We don’t take in consideration that the whole world is looking at an image and so many comments are being posted that hurts the person from the image. The way people create comments to represent an image is sad. Its very easy to still an image from the Internet now, so memes wont be stop from being created. But its a lot better to create memes that are positive and nor hurtful.

Daily Mail shares different stories about the person being the meme.

Just like it happened to Heidi Yeh, a Taiwan model who’s image when viral. The picture was taken for a campaign for a Taiwanese cosmetic surgery clinic with another model and kids who’s eyes and noses were photo-shopped an image that was suppose to use for one thing but ended up creating a different story and also destroying her career and love life.

Model Heidi Yeh posed for this image which was to be used in an ad campaign for a cosmetic surgery clinic. However, an internet user gave it a different caption and turned it into a meme which spread like wildfire Photo by Daily

The image original captions was, ” The only thing you’ll ever have to worry about is how to explain it to the kids.” But the caption was obviously changed and well rumors and stories began.  Such as her husband being suspicious about her because of the ugly children they had and sued her because of the cosmetic surgery’s she had and he didn’t know. She lost many job opportunities because agencies thought she had done plastic surgery and her fiance left her because of how embarrassing it was for him.

This is just one story of the thousands of pictures out there with all types of captions. They are funny but it may be hurtful to those whose image is being used for amusement to the whole world.

 photo by

Another story that caught my attention on Daily Mail where this time the meme was the one of a man who’s image was being used comparing him with NBA Steph Curry. The meme said, “Meth Curry” “Dead Curry” the man on the image, Leon Mitchelle is a cancer survivor and has battled nasopharyngeal carcinoma.  Images like this causes even worst pain than a disease may cause, and we are just seeing how powerful social media is by comparing this heartless image that just hurts people. Images that may seem funny to us but as we can all see this are images that hurts the reality of others lives.

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Leon Mithchelle has created a positive thing out of this meme sharing his story so we can be more aware of the things we say and laugh about.

Facets: Yesterday, he shared a collage on Instagram to remind people that he's more than a meme — he is also a father, a cancer survivor, and a successful business ownerphoto by Daily

So this blog could probably help others think twice before sharing a meme, or commenting on a meme. There are many stories like this and we cannot let the Internet take over us and create a hurtful and sad social media environment, social media is very fun and interesting but we all have to learn the right way to do things.

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