Running Out of Time

By: Sarah Copeland

It always seems that there is never enough time to do what I really want. I want to be able to finish my school work and still have time to go out and play sports, watch episodes on Netflix, do the chores that need to be done, hang out with my friends and, have my alone time, and of course, get more than eight hours of sleep. As a college student, that’s asking a lot. To be honest, I’m still not the best at managing my time but I’ve definitely gotten better. Then again, I still have a mountain of homework to sift through before tomorrow and it’s already 7:15 in the afternoon.

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My main enemy is also my dearest friend when it comes to time management: procrastination. “Just one more episode,” procrastination says to me in my mind. Or, “Thirty more minutes of sleep is okay.” I find a way to make it all workout but with procrastination comes stress and a lot of it. In college, you’ll find it’s best to avoid both stress and procrastination though none of us are wonderfully successful.

The common challenges we face are obvious. Here is a short list of just some of the time management challenges that can shrink the hours in the day:





There are so many things in life that make getting things done difficult. Here are some things I’ve found that help me get through busy weeks (a.k.a. a whole semester of college communication classes).


Making a list: This has to be the best tool I’ve used to keep track of things I have to get done. It’s a great way to keep up with homework assignments and you can’t tell me it isn’t fun to mark something off your to-do list.

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Multitasking: This may be only good for a few people. I love multitasking. I have my three different emails all up at once while I text project group members on my phone while also writing a paper for a class. I tend to focus on many different things at once and it works for me. Other people need to take tasks one thing at a time.

Organization: This includes planning to face the challenges listed above. The more organized you are with your homework list and other tasks you need to get done the better. Planners help a lot with organization. Make sure that you put in everything you might forget, like times for meetings.

Prioritize: This also includes planning for the challenges like interruptions. Do the things that need to be done first. Obviously, if there’s a paper due tomorrow morning and a test next week you should do the paper before you start studying for the test.

Try following some of these tips and remember: it’s all worth something. Work hard now to benefit in the future. Someday it will pay off.


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