Lack of privacy, a negative effect of social media.

By Joy Omokore



Social media might be impacting us positively, but most times we do not acknowledge the negative sides of social networking. Despite the fact that social media platforms provide security options, there are still cases of hackers getting into personal accounts. This is why it is important for users to update their social media to avoid exposure to hacking. In the past, I used the same password for all my social media accounts because I thought it was easy to remember and safe, but I had change all my passwords when I became a victim of hacking.

According to Vivmehta06, hackers can easily figure out more about a person just by looking at their friends list. I am not sure I agree with this because knowing a person just by checking out his or her friend’s list does not make any sense, but I guess a determined person can go to any length to procure any information. Identity theft comes from lack of privacy which often leads to several security concerns.

Personal Information such as name, address, birth date, social security, pet name and so on should not be posted on social platforms in order to avoid trouble and to stay away from people with inappropriate intentions. My friend once told me that she had over 1000 friends on Facebook only. I was surprised and asked her if she knew all these people. Her answer was no, she told me she just accepted anyone who wanted to become her friend without knowing anything about the person. Teens share more information about themselves on social media. In addition, it is necessary to supervise teenagers’ activities online so as to know what they are doing online and also have a close relationship with them.


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