Is Snapchat Considered a Social Media Platform?

Olivia Butler

Snapchat is defined as a social media network, but is it really a platform? Yes, some companies do use it to send out messages and information about their product and business, but is it actually useful?

Graphic by Olivia Butler

A forum on started with the question “is snapchat considered a social media platform?” One response explains that the majority of users only use the app as a means of temporary messages. They go on to say that those few companies have funny or extremely engaging content to keep followers and “most businesses don’t have the constant activity required.” The matter of not being able to view the snaps later causes small problems for businesses because they wouldn’t be able to fully regulate and track what content is being put out there. Another response flat out said “snap chat is a mobile app and is an entertainment for teenagers which can’t be used for businesses purpose.”

MWPartners listed Snapchat as the third most popular social network back in 2014. Snapchat turned down $3 billion buyout from Facebook in 2013. The article specifically states “snapchat is now the third most popular social app among millennials.” I want to push attention to the words “social app,” I see this as a more appropriate term to define Snapchat rather than social media platform.

The definition of Social Media Platform, according to OfferPop, typically includes that the user can engage with the community, but it also mentions the sharing and linking of other accounts. With Snapchat you can’t embed a link to other platforms which is why I believe the term “social app” is more acceptable.

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