Marketing to Latinx Millennials Through Social Media

By: Elizabeth Guevara (@elliegguevara)

Trying to appeal to Latinx Millennials? You need to start with engaging with this group via social media. In 2012, 3 out of 4 Latinxs age 18 to 29 were using social media sites to interact with their favorite brands- with over 30% following companies on Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram. Not only do Latinx Millennials express themselves through the  brands they use, they’re the perfect advocates for your company’s product. Latinx Millennials often showcase their brand loyalty by tweeting, posting, and sharing content online with their followers, creating a word-of-mouth buzz around the product.  

So what’s the difference between Latinx Millennials (18-29 years) and Latinxs well in their 30-50’s? Older Latinxs are less likely to use social networking sites, and those who do, don’t use it often. They’re less likely to follow their favorite brands- so don’t expect any follows, retweets, or mentions.  Another major difference to remember is that “Unlike their parents who tried to be less visible, Hispanic millennials want to “stand out and be noticed.”

Want to reach Latinx Millennials?


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Cater to BOTH of their identities:

Latinx millennials have strong ties to their Latinx and American cultures; although ⅖  of Latinx millennials are born outside of the United States, ⅗ are native born and are above all, bicultural. Becoming well versed in Latinx and American cultures is key to marketing to bicultural Latinxs.


 Hire a Bilingual Engagement Manager

It should come as no surprise that having a Community Engagement Manager or Social Media Manager, who can speak more than one language, will help you reach a wider audience. Hiring someone who can post in Spanish. This unique group consumes media in both languages, so appealing to both tongues, will be shared more frequently. Take it from a Latina Millennial- if I see something I like promoted in Spanish, I’ll post it so that my family in Central America or family who only speak Spanish will see it as well.  

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Appeal to their culture and traditions

It’s no surprise that Latinxs are a close-knit group and put family above everything; by creating ad campaigns or marketing strategies that embrace family, music, and food, you’ll reach your targeted group.


Take a look at A&T’s successful 2014 Ad campaign, #BetweenTwoWorlds:


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