How to gently get rid of stalkers on Snapchat

By: Jonathan Tremblay

Everyone has faced that awkward moment in their life when they realize: “All right, that guy/girl creeps me out. Is/she is a real stalker. What are my options?”

But obviously, those people are always related to professional contacts or friends… and sometimes it’s even your mom or your best friend’s mom! Yes, it makes it very uncomfortable to delete them completely from your social media platforms and it’s understandable.

Snapchat is a platform that, since a few days ago, I did not know can block someone from looking at your stories. Obviously, we all know how to do that on Facebook and Twitter. But if you are like me, Snapchat is still kind of new.

So, just know that there are ways to hide your content from them while keeping them in your friends and contacts. That is why I call that gently getting rid of them. It won’t stop them to send you Snaps, though, which can be even creepier sometimes.

Today, as a good friend, I’m here to help you guys and tell you how to secretly execute that little move.

First of all, go to your settings, at the top corner on the right of the pull down screen, the one with your snap name on it. Then, go to ‘who can view my story’ and select ‘custom’. Now, go through and pick people you want to hide from. That’s it!


I think it’s a super trick that can save you from awkward situations, because we all know that what we share on Snapchat is never the things we’re the most proud of… well in my case, that’s for sure!

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