3 Things Companies can learn from Buzzfeed’s social media dominance

By: Elizabeth Guevara (@elliegguevara)

In just a few short years, Buzzfeed has become a global empire…but how did they do it? Buzzfeed seems to have something for everyone: from adventurers who are addicted to The Try Guys videos, to Latinxs tuning in to listen to what Buzzfeed Curly has to say about being latinx, on Pero Like. I mean, Buzzfeed’s social voice has become so well known, many try to imitate it, but here are 3 things companies can learn from Buzzfeed’s success.

  1. Content is everything! Creating viral content is vital if you’re wanting to up your traffic game. Post things people want to share to ensure viewers, followers, and potential customers keep coming back to your website.Not only should your content be on point, you have to make sure that it resonates with everyone! Buzzfeed has tapped into the foodies by creating posts and videos for Tasty. They have posts that resonate with every millennial, 00’s kid, Gen Xers, and more. Buzzfeed is able to create successful content by using memes, referencing celebs, and understanding issues on both a local and global scale. Their newest channel, Pero Like, is catered to Latinxs and offers videos like People Try Salvadoran Food For The First Time, and Women Got Transformed Into Telenovela Stars. I mean, what Latinx didn’t watch novelas growing up and imagined themselves in one, right? Or am I the only one?



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2. Buzzfeed doesn’t just cater to those seeking entertainment and humor, Buzzfeed also provides its readers with hard news and feature stories. If you toggle over to the right side of any Buzzfeed post, you can click on news updates like this: Hundreds of Children Seeking UK Asylum Are Disappearing from Care.SOURCE BUZZFEEED

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3. If you’re trying to reach a specific audience, consider having your copywriter or SM manager write text posts, or share content on other news sites as advertisment. Buzzfeed’s native advertising strategy works so well with visitors because these ads literally blend into everything Buzzfeed already shares on FB, Twitter, IG, and their site.buzzfeed-kfc-native-ad-2

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