Camera Phones or Compacts the Choice is Up To You


By Jasmine Russell

In today’s society, almost the majority of the US population own a mobil phone with the name being interchangeable as Cell or Smartphone.  The cell phone dates back to the late 1980s and have progressed.  It serves as a mini computer. Cell phones come in handy in a variety of ways.

  1. Replacing Landline Phone to save money
  2. Safety
  3. Business
  4. Music
  5. Government and Legal Evidence
  6. Messaging
  7. Camera

Having the ability to communicate is important in today’s society.  Having a mobile (cell phone), enables users to discover features that they have never experienced before such as, applications, texting, email, the internet, and many other devices. Now, inventors include the options to take pictures with a built-in camera on any mobile phone. Through the early years, cellular devices did not provide good camera phones to that took good quality pictures.   Now, cell phones have substantial storage capabilities that take instant pictures with stronger, sharper megapixels that can be viewed immediately.

As a child, I remember going to events and seeing people take pictures with traditional compact cameras. My mother had an old classic Kodak Camera or used a disposable camera.  It was one of my favorite tools to use when taking photographs at events. Developing the images was another story. When a person was ready to have the photos made they either would take the camera to a place like Walmart’s photo center for development, this process took about two weeks.

According to, one of the side effects of the rise in popularity of smartphones is a decline in compact camera sales. Within the first nine months of 2014 global camera shipments from Japanese manufacturers dropped by a third. The biggest drop saw fixed-lens cameras – compacts – fall 38.1% year on year. The larger DSLR shipments fell 23.7% while in volume terms sales of compact system cameras rose by 10.5%.

Many landline telephone users are beginning to use smartphones instead because it is convenient when they are not home to answer the phone.  In Peta Pixel’s list of the top individual cameras owned on Flickr, the iPhone took the top three places in 2013 and 2014, although Canon is still the most popular brand in use.

Is there still a place for compact cameras? Well, it looks like the smartphones are winning the completion when it comes to taking pictures with a handheld device. A Smartphone is convenient to carry in a purse or pocket.  Also, the mobile offers many features, such as, watching television or viewing a movie. Cell phones can store more images vs. a regular camera.

Examples of the benefits mobile phones.

  1. Sharing
  2. Playback
  3. Image Editing

Choosing a Compact Camera

  1. Image Quality
  2. Lens versatility
  3. Manual control
  4. Battery
  5. Cost


Smartphone Pros & Cons

Of course, there are pros and cons with the use of mobile phones.  According to Opposing Views, Personal cell phones have come a long way since their introduction in the late 1980s. What was once a simple communication device has evolved into a miniature computer, combining a video game system, camera, and phone into one convenient, pocket-sized piece of technology? As smartphones become more sophisticated and more prevalent, the pros and cons of their use become more evident and widespread.

PRO – Connection

Smartphones are always connected to the Internet, via a data network, mobile broadband or Wi-Fi connection. This allows you to receive updates to your social networking sites, news feeds or emails in real time, making communication practically instantaneous. You can stay on top of current events, news, and keep business deals moving quickly or stay in touch with clients, family or friends without slowing down. Contributing Writer (ND)…

CON — Battery Life

Ironically, the very things that make a smartphone so convenient and useful are the same things that can stop you in your tracks with a dead battery. The more apps and programs you have on your phone, the more energy it needs to perform. The more you use your phone, the quicker the battery dies. If you haven’t invested in a car charger or additional adapter for charging while on-the-go, you may find yourself out of juice when it’s the most inconvenient.

I believe that there is nothing like taking pictures with a traditional compact camera, especially if you are a photographer. If you just want to take pictures digitally and share quickly with the use of apps, then a smartphone is just right for you.  Although, there may be pros and cons one may experience.  Picking the right smartphone camera is important. Cheaper smartphones tend to have more inexpensive photographic components to keep the cost down, so the pictures won’t be as good.


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