Social Media & it’s Benefits

By: Faith Hunt

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Social Media is

Social Media and its Benefitsobviously and invention that has taken over society. Without it to many life would become very difficult. There are many benefits that have come with social media. These benefits vary with businesses, or social life, or even social movements. It is a platform to deliver whatever message you desire. It is almost safe to say that it would be extremely difficult for a business to reach its full potential if they are not engaging in social media activity. Word of mouth just is not enough anymore. It is important for businesses to be seen. That is a benefit of using social media to expose your business to as many people as possible. It is also a cheaper  way to self-promote. People also use social media to meet and greet. It has become normal for people to form relationships through social media. It is a way for people who may be shy to approach someone with the shield of a computer. You can move at your own pace and allow the other person to see what it is you want them to see.  What we are seeing more of now than ever is those who are involved in social movements and charity work using social media as a way to fundraise and bring awareness. For example the ice bucket challenge became a big deal amongst celebrities which in turn allowed for the ALS charity to raise more money than they other wise would not using social media as their platform. The benefits of using social media out-weigh the negatives of social media. Social media of course have pros and cons, but if you utilize the positives of social media and capitalize off of it the success that could be generated is enormous.

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