Queen Bey’s Reign Over The Internet, And the Power of Being Selective With Social Media

By McKeni Franklin

It’s no secret that Beyoncé is arguably one of the biggest stars in music today – if not the biggest star today. After all, the nickname Queen Bey wasn’t given to her for nothing. However, it’s also not a secret that she is a bit more quiet on social media compared to her pop culture counterparts. In a Kardashian/Jenner – obsessed world where we are used to various social media posts being in our face 24/7, and often dismiss those who aren’t very present on social media as “irrelevant,” Beyoncé’s presence on the web (or lack thereof) still keeps us on our toes and wanting more. So, what is it about Bey that makes her so wanted, and what can we learn from her?


Beyoncé currently only has 9 tweets on her official Twitter account (where she has 14.6 million followers), which she has had since April of 2009. She is definitely more active on Facebook (64,667,229 likes), where she, much like other celebrities,uses it to promote her projects and post links to images from her official website. However, the social media platform Beyoncé is most active on would have to be Instagram (84.8 million followers). So why Instagram for Beyoncé, as opposed to anything else? The reason behind her selective social media using is because she and her team know what outlets are more fitting to her brand. DrumUp says that, “According to her social media team, Twitter’s 140 character restriction doesn’t allow Beyoncé to communicate as much or as effectively as she would like to. Beyoncé likes to communicate via images, and has found her ideal social network in Instagram, where she posts directly herself.” Ever since the surprise release of her visual album in late 2013 and the the release of the critically acclaimed Lemonade, it’s evident that Beyoncé has more of a connection with images more than anything. This teaches us to find out what our brand truly is, and find out which social media platform helps us showcase our brand the most.
Beyoncé also has a certain mystique about her that leaves us wanting to know more about her and keeps us glued to her social media postings. She rarely does big interviews anymore and the consistency of her Instagram postings vary at times, so with every Instagram update, we are looking for clues regarding her next project. Of course, there’s not going to be as much interest in our own personal lives as there is in Beyoncé’s, but limiting our social media posts could definitely garner interest from our followers. There’s definitely power in having less frequent meaningful posts, rather than constantly posting random things 24/7. Quality will almost always win over quantity.



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