Stupid is as Stupid Does: Why Stupid Videos and Challenges Go Viral…”DAMN DANIEL” viral video

Today, the internet is a vast realm where information is shared, news is broken and people all around the world can connect with one another. But the internet has also become a breeding ground for obnoxious and quite frankly stupid ,videos and challenges. It seems that every week there is some new pointless video being produced by some random kid that is trying to get rich quick.

Don’t get me wrong! I am not just a kill joy trying to ruin everyone’s fun. But some of the material that goes viral is an example of how simple minded our generation, and the future generations, are becoming. Most of the material wouldn’t be remotely funny if you saw it in person. So why do we encourage this stupid behavior?

Honestly, I believe that these forms of videos and challenges are a form of escape for some people. It promotes a  false sense of reality. The internet is already a place where someone can escape their real world problems by entering into the depths of a virtual reality. These videos just become another way to delve deeper and deeper into this fantasy world. People see the simplicity of the videos and then start to believe that they can make all of their problems disappear by hoping to become another overnight success story. But what people fail to realize most times is that that form of success is not real and can be gone just as quick as it began. We live in a fast paste world where people are always looking for the next best thing and their attention spans are very hard to capture for long period’s of time. Viral success is NOT real success.

Viral Videos

Whether you were intentionally trying to watch it or it just happened to show up in your social media feed, at some point, you have come across a pretty stupid video that has probably garnered millions of views. The video probably had no point to it or real substance but  it had been liked by half the country. That my friends is called a viral video.

One of the more recent, and probably just pointless videos to go viral, was the “Damn Daniel” videos. If you haven’t seen the video, it stars a California high school kid, Daniel, who often wears white Vans to school. Eventually his friend, Josh, decides  to film him sporting his clean white Vans to school each day. Josh accompanies his friend’s swag with the words, “Damn Daniel!” THAT’S THE PREMISE OF THE ENTIRE VIDEO!  The boys weren’t out trying to save the world or finding a cure for cancer. They got famous because one of them gave the other a simple complement over and over again. And for that reason right there I must use the “classic Jim face” from The Office.    



Actually, it was so bad that I had to use two “classic Jim” faces! Now I’m not saying that these boys were intentionally try to gain fame off of this. It very well could have been a situation where the internet granted them a favor. To be fair, Daniel and Josh actually ended up donating many of the proceeds and promotional gear that they received from the video to sick kids at children’s hospitals in California. So I applaud them for using their success to help other people in this world.  But still, nothing justifies that video going viral!

Viral Challenges

I think that viral challenges are worse than viral videos. Not only are most of the challenges just plain stupid but they can be very dangerous as well.

There is a challenge in circulation right now called the “Huh” challenge. The point of the challenge is basically to insult your peers as best as you can and then say “huh” at the end of the insult. I really wish that I was making this up but I’m not.

What this generation is failing to comprehend is that even though this may seem like a joke or funny to the internet, it could be causing a lot of pain to the person you’re insulting. Mental illness and bullying are very real things, and crap like this only makes things worse for some people.

Again, I am not here to kill people’s fun by stopping the promotion of all viral videos/challenges. There are some videos that go viral of people actually doing really great things for the world. Those are the videos that need to be promoted.

But I am saying that the non-sense and hurtful videos have to stop! Otherwise the future generations are in for a viral amount of trouble.