Emojis: The Take Over!


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By: Alicia Crumpton



Emojis have taken over electronic communications! I use them religiously, simply because I’m so emotional (dramatic), and they happen to compliment my style! It’s just simpler to use a red faced “angry emoji” than to spell out how angry I am. Emojis were first used for SMS smartphones, but today their uses have evolved to food ordering, website ratings, even app downloading! Want to order a pizza?- send Domino’s a pizza emoji! Looking for a new car?- send Rent-a-car a car emoji! Emoticons changed the game when they became accessible for company use and raised market availability! These trendy digital emotions have not only changed many companies, but has a tremendous effect on social media as well as communications as a whole! The Oxford dictionary even made “emjoi” the word of the year in 2015.

“Emoji have come to embody a core aspect of living in a digital world that is visually driven, emotionally expressive, and obsessively immediate,” the Oxford Dictionary said in a statement.


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Facebook is one of the many social media outlets using emojis to it’s advantage! Now you can do more than just like a status, pic or viedo like “love”, “laugh at”, “be amazed by”, “feel sad about”, or “be angry about” a post and it’s all done with emoji icons! They even move with each expression! So of course other social media outlets followed the trend; Twitter has up’ed their uses of emojis with it’s new launch “stickers”, Snapchat and Instagram now have similar uses with their 3-D and zoom effects on the emojis available! My favorite emoji advancement has to be ‘Bitmoji’ on snapchat! It was first introduced on Facebook years ago, but has reappeared on Snapchat new and better than ever! You can literally make a “mini-you” & I love it! The flexibility of the customization of the emjoi is remarkable! Different hairstyles, outfits, even facial features are offered to have your personal emoji look just like you- I must say, mine resembles me almost perfectly.


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