Digital Detoxing

By: Brandy Walker


Photo: CNN (Courtesy of Jade Mountain)

Let me start by saying that I have been a huge Prince fan, since I can remember. I was deeply saddened by his passing this year. He was known for being a very private person, who transfused the most intimate pieces of his heart and soul into his music, but he rarely divulged personal details about himself. As a journalist, I always hoped that I would one day get to sit down with him and pick his talented and very creative brain. When it was announced that his famous home, Paisley Park, would be open to the public, I jumped to the occasion!

Shortly after purchasing the tickets for a tour of Prince’s private purple domain, I received an email that read: “NO PHOTOS/VIDEO PERMITTED,” it was explained that we could not have our cell phones. I immediately began to feel cell phone withdrawals. I felt like Raven Symone’s character, Charisse, in Dr. Dolittle 2, when she gets her cell phone taken away. She sincerely asks her dad, “So what am I supposed to do without my cell phone?” Seriously? What am I supposed to do?

Huffington Post says, “According to the Mobile Mindset Study conducted by security app Lookout, 58 percent of U.S. smartphone owners check their phones at least every hour.” Have I become a part of that 58 percent who feels a bit of anxiety when they’re separated from their electronic best friend? While I don’t think that I obsess over my phone as much as others, I can’t deny our bond and I admit that I feel vulnerable when I don’t have it by my side.

Despite the fact that we live in a cell-crazed society, there are some vacation destinations, like Jade Mountain in St. Lucia, where CNN reports that cell phones are even prohibited in public. By looking at the beautiful scenery, I don’t think that I would miss my cell phone at all. The truth is, although we don’t all have the luxury of living on a beachfront resort, if we look close enough, we will notice that we are surrounded by beautiful scenery.  We just have to remember to take the time out to decompress and rid ourselves from our wireless woes.

Photo Credit: CNN (Courtesy of Jade Mountain)


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