Five easy tips for dating in the “real world” digital age

By Nina Quatrino


Okay let’s be honest, dating in college is a nightmare. You’ve got like three different bars to meet people at, and there’s always the risk of running into someone you’ve already met – if you know what I mean. As awful as dating is, it can also be somewhat fun. Once you’ve finally stumbled across a potential candidate for a “significant other”, you can start the real investigative work. You know what I’m talking about and if you don’t, you need to. We live in a time where accessing social media is so easy, there’s really no reason not to investigate your crush. Here are some tips and tricks to make dating a little less stressful. You never know, what you find out may persuade you to change your mind about that second date, or first…

1. Reverse Image Search


Google has this awesome option to bring you image results, rather than links. No big deal right? You’ve probably already used Google Image search a million times. Try dragging a photo from your desktop into the search bar. Amazing. This is especially helpful for you Tinder users. Save one of their pictures in your files, then drag the image into the image search bar. You could catch a catfish, like Nev Schulman, [MTV’s Catfish] or discover more of their social media accounts, and then the investigating really begins.

2. “Follower” to “Like” ratio


Okay great, you’ve found a real winner. Their Instagram account has esthetically pleasing photos, they have a nice theme going and they have, well, more followers than you. The thoughts run through your mind. “They must be super popular or maybe even a local celebrity.” Well before you get carried away imagining how many followers you’ll gain by possibly being featured, you should consider the “Follower” to “Like” ratio. If they have over a thousand followers, and only ten “Likes” on their photos, something doesn’t seem right. The last thing you want is someone who acts like they are the coolest person ever.

3. Tagged photos


Always look at your crush’s tagged photos. It’s as simple as that. Do they have friends? Do they have hobbies? Do they have a significant other? Are they tagged in some weird [My little Pony] website? You won’t know until you check. We have the technology now to “hide” tagged photos, and we can pick and choose which photos we want shown on our profiles. Therefore, whatever you find out isn’t really a secret.

4. Research your location

FryStreet2 (1).jpg

ALWAYS. Don’t forget to investigate where you plan on going for your initial date. It’ll help you be prepared for what to expect. Are they taking you to a restaurant where they took all their ex’s [and the waiter will ask about them.], or are you planning on meeting up at a grimy bar where you’ll run into every person ever from your chemistry class? You need to be prepared for these things. Like I said before, we have the ability to investigate at our finger tips. Why not do some creeping?

5. Friends of friends


Lastly, and probably the most important of all, is to figure out who you know in common. Unless they just moved to your town yesterday and are from Wisconsin, chances are you probably have a mutual friend. Find that friend, and straight up ask them about your crush! That is your in, your connection to all the things you can’t wait to find out. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all have options to see who you both follow. You can scroll through their friend’s / follower lists until you find someone you had coffee with three years ago, and discreetly text them, “Hey how are you? Hope your well, just wondering how do you know ____??” Easy enough.

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