Grab ’em by the……

by: Paula Colli

On Friday, October 7, the Washington Post released a video of a lewd conversation between Donald J. Trump and Billy Bush. The Internet blew up. Here was a Presidential nominee, on record, heard degrading women. After Trump’s video was released many women starting sharing stories of their first sexual assault experience.

I may not be the most political person and I do know this is suppose to be a social media related blog, but I will say what I feel right now. This is not a person I would want as President of the United States. We claim to be the best, but if this man becomes our president and if this is the man who puts his hand on the Bible to solemnly swear to faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and do the best of his ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States, we would have failed as the greatest nation. Why? Here is why! As a person, as a woman who has been sexually harassed, I do see how someone could possibly defend him.


I could care less if he was a Republican or a Democrat, what I care about is that this is the person who will represent us, all of us. I want a president who I can respect, whether we have different views on certain issues, I want someone who is trustworthy, who knows what they’re doing.

I believe that their is a clear choice on who SHOULD NOT be president. A woman, a person, a human being, should be respected. If you are not offended by his words, I can honestly have no words. This is not “locker room talk”, this is part of the rape culture we live in. He is not allowed to have his way because he is a “star”. Respect is all we ask for, it is all I ask for.


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