Do you ever feel like you just can’t contain your excitement after you have completed your latest organizational project? Wish you could show the world just how contained your life is? Get ready to spread your organizational enthusiasm all over your social media because The Container Store has announced a #ContainYourselfContest where you can posts your favorite projects and be eligible to win an in store gift card. What better way to for a consumer to easily gain recognizable accessibility into a brand than to include them in the live website contest! The integration of consumer social media accounts within company websites has been majorly successful.


We have seen companies such as Columbia and West Elm join the inclusion of consumer product posts as a way to boost rating and reviews as well as include customers during their purchasing journey. West Elm has a hashtag #MyWestElm, which allows consumers to post actual in-home looks of their styling arrangement of their furniture finds. Columbia uses the consumer hashtag #TestedTough to visually represent actual people sporting Columbia gear in some of the most extreme elements.


With consumers becoming increasingly savvy with their photography skills, it would be foolish for brands to negate them as valuable marketing assets. Implementing a hashtag that could potentially land consumers a spot on the brands website increases engagement and ultimately humanizes the brand. Creating contests, such as the promotional offer that The Container Store rolled out, improves the interaction process between the brand and the consumer and spreads brand awareness via WOM marketing. According to a Nielson Global Trust in Advertising Survey, the top three trusted sources include recommendations from friends, online consumer opinions, and editorials. Brands are now understanding the importance and power of social media. Every consumer has a voice and understanding that voice is the key to retails advancement. Integrating actionable initiatives that engage the consumer on platforms that they actively utilize will increase the humanization between retails and consumers.


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