Instagram is a Platform for Self Expression

By: Milan Merlo


Photo from Instagram: @SongOfStyle


Instagram is such a unique platform because its primary content is made up of images. While people can write their captions and comment on others photos, Instagram is meant to be visual. With this, people are able to express themselves in a different way and in such a creative one. People want to create beautiful photos and put a lot of time and effort to make their feed beautiful unlike any other. With this people can connect from all over the world and can understand photos regardless of their language. This makes it such a stronger platform, to communicate and be understood all over the world is such an amazing progression for our world.


Instagram allows people to do more than share it promotes people to have fun with it and share the beauty they find within their day. Instagram has become a way to brand yourself in a strong way with only one look at the feed. Although Instagram can be used as inspiration, it is different from Pinterest in the way that all the content is user-generated. People want their feed to be things they created themselves, which makes it so much more special and unique. A persons instagram feed can be personal and gives a person the power to express themselves in a new and creative way. From brands to bloggers, Instagram has given the world a new way to tell their story through photography and essentially art.

It can become a portfolio in itself for anyone in the creative world. Instagram is all about letting a person tell their story through photos and entice others to follow along on their journey. It is more than just a place to share and connect, it is a place to express and create.

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