New Social Media Policy for the NFL

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The NFL currently has developed a new social media policy. Beginning this Wednesday, teams can be fined a tremendous amount for violating any part of this policy. According to ABC News and ESPN, the rules state that “teams no longer can shoot video inside the stadium during the game and post it on social media, nor can they use Facebook Live, Periscope or any other app to stream anything live within the stadium.” Another part of these rules are that teams cannot alter any of the highlights of the game on their social media feed or in videos and GIFs. Players are allowed to post up to a certain amount of content on nongame days, however they can only post promotional, game-related things. All of these rules are to ensure that the league, not individual players, are in control of what is distributed in the media.

This new policy shows how big of a role social media plays today. Without the usage of social media and digital media, a lot of issues within major organizations, especially the NFL, would have never been brought to light. Players should have the freedom to post what they please to their accounts and it seems as though the NFL is using this policy to avoid any negative media to their name, as they have had a lot of negative attention in the past. Regardless of the reason, social media is a critical part in the growth of an organization, especially within the sports world. Although players can re-post content created by the NFL, it’s not the same as personalized content that fans and critics want to see. Social media platforms are how teams can engage and connect with their followers. The NFL released a press statement on their website about the new rules saying they can be changed at any time. I wouldn’t be surprised if any other leagues such as the NBA will begin to follow these rules as well. Social media is a tactic that organizations need so I find it interesting to see how it has had an influence in the structure of institutions today.


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