Tomb Raider’s Amazing Advertising

By: Jennifer Becan

We all saw Tomb Raider’s brilliant billboard in London where eight contestants competed to see who could stand on the board the longest while having different harsh weather conditions thrown at them. If you didn’t, you can watch the “Survival of the Grittiest” here. The billboard attracted a number of viewers on Twitch and a lot of attention on social media. It was an extremely successful campaign, and all the advertising space Microsoft had to purchase was one billboard.

Now Tomb Raider has struck again with another creative billboard. This time, the board is in Times Square and, according to an article by Adweek, includes a “a 2,000 pound Jeep Wrangler.” The billboard also creates artificial snow that falls on people that may be walking by.

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By all means, this is a creative and inventive billboard; but I wonder if it pales in comparison to Tomb Raider’s competition billboard. While one engaged viewers and had them vote online for what weather condition would hit the contestants next, this one spits out snow. And has a jeep on it.

Then again, maybe my expectations were just set too high by the last stunt. It is, after all, an eye-catching billboard, and I’m sure many people walking through Times Square will enjoy the created snow. Maybe Microsoft just wanted to do something that could last longer than 24 hours.

Okay, so what point am I getting to here? I guess what I’m trying to say is that Microsoft has done a great job advertising and getting attention for their Tomb Raider game. They’re coming up with new ways to get into people’s heads and it’s inspiring to see. I thought their latest billboard was a little less fun than their first; however, the first will be a hard one to top. Overall, I’m looking forward to seeing what else Microsoft can come up with that’s new and imaginative.

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