Twitter as a News Source

twitter_news_sourceby Sam Morrow

Today when you ask someone who is roughly under the age of 35 where they get their news from primarily they are going to say: Twitter. Twitter has become a news source within itself other then being a social media platform.

Newspapers are just as focused as to get out a quick brief on their website as they are to use all 140 characters in an informative tweet. This has created a twitter media mentality. However, this also leaves room for mistakes if acted on too quick and the inability to fix it. Tweets cannot be edited once posted which gives the dilemma of quickness or accuracy.

The benefit of twitter being quick access to what is going on in the world is just that. With more people spending even more time on their phone browsing social media having the media utilizing twitter will expand their readership which effect the knowledge of someone simply browsing. Keeping up to date on political campaigns, breaking news and even sports becomes easier all around.

However many benefits there are with the media utilizing twitter as much as they do, there are as many downfalls. Errors are even more possible because of how fast social media runs. One 140-character twitter almost must go throw the same editing that a regular print story would. Even though yes the twitter can be deleted but how many people could have seen it before the mistake is caught. Along the lines of editing, a regular story will go through content editors to check for anything unconsciously offensive or incorrect. This does not necessarily happen with a tweet with results in social media frenzy and an eventual apology by the company in question.

Along with the media side having its pros and cons, there are some pros and cons of Twitter being a media source from the user side. Users can make a mockery of the media on twitter are really any social media platform. However, with the instantiations that twitter presents more then the other platforms users can and will let the media know how they feel. This is not necessarily a bad thing but it is when there is no filter and no way of controlling the responses. If there were a way to control and filter the comments to keep out the trolls and the vulgar comments then this would not be a problem. There is also the issue that users believe that they are the media causing rumors and errors in facts.

Twitter as a news source can be beneficial in that more people will be informed on what is going on in the media; however, if not controlled the users will run over the media and take over to make media a mockery on Twitter.


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