When should social media be used in the classroom?

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By: Nicolas Austin


As a graduate student in college, I believe students should be able to use social media for classroom purposes. For example, the class I am taking this semester is a journalism course focusing on how to use strategies within social media. The course is built off social media, and results with the students using social media in order to do homework, and connect with the professor. Now I’m perfectly fine with college courses using social media in order to teach college students. What I’m not ok with is the fact that some K-12 schools are considering using social media to teach and engage students. I look at social media in K-12 classroom as being a distraction instead of a way to communicate throughout the class.

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This past spring, an online survey was conducted for the University of Phoenix, in order to see how many K-12 teachers incorporate social media within their daily lives. Only 83% of teachers were found to use social media in their personal lives, while only 35% actually use it in a profession manner, in order to talk and engage with their students, the parents and fellow teachers. Schools need to understand that teachers are here to teach students, and are not there to be the peers of the students. It’s different in college because majority of the people in classes are adults and should create a bond with their professors, because it can potential lead to a career within their field.

When I was in grade school, we had computer classes, in which we learned how to work a computer and know all the parts on a computer, such as the monitor, the tower, the mouse, and the floppy disk. Social media was a big movement during the end of my high school year in 2009, but computer teachers made sure we understand the concept of Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office is very essential towards establishing any career because it teaches us how to make documents, slideshows, spread sheets, and etc. Social media is good to have, but it’s not as essential as learning about a computer and Microsoft Office within a classroom.

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Social media prevents face to face interaction between teachers and students. Children shouldn’t have to worry about social media in a classroom atmosphere because I feel they are too young to be involve within social media, especially in regards to being friends and connected to their teachers in the classroom. In past history there has been incidents of teachers having inappropriate relationship with their K-12 students. Having social media in the classroom will provide another way for some teachers to attempt inappropriate behaviors with their students. I’m not saying students shouldn’t have a social media account, but it should be left out of courses within the classroom.


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