Made in only 12 hours? PointShop.Space

PointShop.Space, what is it? This newly generated app only took 12 hours from it being just a dream to actual reality that a retailer could implement into their brick and mortar. PointShop.Space uses augmented reality to help the consumer in their shopping experience whether that is finding a store, finding a specific product they are looking for or even buy via the PointShop.Space app.


How does this work you ask? Via Bluetooth and location services. PointShop.Space uses MapQuest and different API’s to power this app for e-commerce options. Using the camera from your phone, this app covers product details and gives the consumer a better detailed view of how a product will fit their lifestyle. It also shows different alternatives to a specific product, that would better fit the consumer’s needs. Along with showing how it would fit in with the lifestyle of a consumer, it gives a cloud view of in depth details of the product that you would only find in either the packaging of a product or tag. This will aid in the user experience by allowing the consumer to know every aspect of the product before purchasing or trial run. Right now PointShop.Space is aimed at technology purchases, it will continue to grow into different markets; especially the retail industry.


PointShop.Space used iPhone data to create this augmented reality app. Currently it is only open for Apple users but it will slowly become more accessible for Android users. By opening this app for both Apple and Android, this will open the target market even more. How could you not want to use this app? By giving you more information, especially for technology, before purchase, Pointshop.Space will be the next app that every consumer will want to use because of how it is combining their digital life to their lifestyle.



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