“Trolls” react to the Robbing of Kim Kardashian West

Everyone has his or her opinion about Kim Kardashian West. The thirty five year old mogul can be quite controversial. However her “haters” had nasty and unbelievable reactions to her recent tragedy.



Two French police imposters entered Kim’s room and proceeded to rob her at gunpoint. The robbers bound her feet and hands. They also gagged her and locked her in the bathroom. The robbers then stole around ten million dollars worth of jewelry from Kim.

As if that near death experience wasn’t bad enough, many Internet users have been making awful remarks online. Commenters called her a “cheap h**, said she should have been raped and murdered, said that this crime and her life did not matter and more.

Here is the issue; Kim Kardashian West is a person. She is a daughter, sister, mother and wife. She is more than a celebrity. She had a tragic experience and the anonymity of the Internet makes people think it is ok to belittle her. No matter what you think about her it is never ok to respond to a crime like that.

Furthermore, comments like these perpetuate bullying and sexism. Women are still fighting the uphill battle against rape and other sexual crimes. Commenters saying that Kim should have been raped and murdered are setting back the progress women have made. Calling her names and insinuating that her actions make this crime ok solidifies the idea that women have to fight to receive justice. Comments like these have pushed many people to end their life. It is the reason that many families will never be the same again. This is about more than just Kim Kardashian West. This is about the Internet being used as a weapon.

The Internet can be a beautiful thing. It can bring together nations, however it is incidents like these that take away that beauty. Bad behavior on the Internet can lead to negative consequences in real life.

-Lauren Abraham

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