News Needs Social Media

By:Queen- Alexis Abamu


This may sound strange but News needs media. Some ways we already know and other ways you could never imagine. News needs media for more exposure, it helps non-profit media organization, and now media is turning into the gate way for news or one would even say social media is the news.


During this era people tend to look more at social media other than actual news papers or news stations. Social media gives news more exposure, say if one days not watch the news on tv but they can get on Twitter, and catch the clip on Twitter. In my “Principle of News” class, we took a survey asking simply “where do you get your news”? A lot of people replied with social media, such as; Twitter, Facebook, or even snapchat. This is one of the things that gave me the idea that news needs social media.

Have you ever heard of “Non-Profit News”? If not, it is exactly what it says. Media that does not get its funds from advertisement. Non-Profits News are independent they receive funds from donors and from what they collect on their own.   The Texas Tribune and  ProPublica are examples of nonprofit news. With social media they can gain more views and people can become more aware of their cause.

When I say “social media is the gateway to the news” Im trying to say social media in a weird way is re-eventing the news. People are transitioning from news papers to news on the apps on their phones. I hope now you can see why News needs Social Media.

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