National Anthem Controversy in NFL

Jacoby Neal

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National Anthem

Colin Kaeperick takes a knee doing the National Anthem is he in the right or wrong? For what he believes in. Kaeperick takes knee for all the #blacklivesmatter victims that has lost their lives to Police officers & these past weeks. Some people say he’s disrespecting America others say he’s right for standing up for his rights.

Kaeperick has made national news because of this. People from College Football to High School Football has taken knees doing the national anthem. The question of the day is Kaeperick making a stand for the #blacklivesmatter people.

Kaepernick knees down

After Kaepernick kneel down other players in the NFL decided to stand for their rights. Police officers for the Miami Dolphins has disagree with what the player’s decision to take a knee during the National Anthem. Officers say they will not walk the Miami Dolphins players until they stand for the National anthem. According, to ESPN in week 3 officers are not walking players

Black Panther

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