Family and Social media

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By Zoee Acosta

Although many young adults do not like having their parents as friends on social media, studies show that having those connections with family may actually help build stronger bonds. Many young adults reported that just texting their parents helped make them feel closer to their parents leading to adding them on social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram.
Families have moved from having a physical game night to a virtual one. Even though there is not a face to face interaction, families are able to stay connected. Nowadays people want things as fast as possible, with social media families are able to share news faster and keep in touch with members one might have only seen during the holidays. Having parents and grandparents on social media went from being a nightmare to being essential. Digital natives like to be heard just like anyone else and when family members tag them in a picture or any post it makes them feel valued thus making them feel more connected. Having family on social media helps build a friendship that in return helps when parenting.
There is a different type of communication between younger and older family members that have parents or grandparents on social media. While older kids, college students, feel more connected to their parents, younger kids feel more divided because they sense a lack of support in their interest. This comes from kids being digital natives and parents being digital immigrants. Younger kids spend more time online than their parents who may not be as comfortable or as technically savvy as they are. Social media provides these kids with independence which may be a bit weird for some parents. Social media sites have made face to face communications unnecessary which depending on the person can be a good or a bad thing.
Having family on social media has its ups and downs but, with the right amount of use, anything is possible.

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