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By: Phillip Sternitzke- @PSpepper

If you were to ask every person in the world to name a single brand, one of the most common answers you would get would have to be Google. Founded in 1998, Google has become one of the most valuable brands in the world. is the most used search engine, the most visited site on the web, and is the most common home screen across all the major browsers. So saying that they’re popular is an understatement. Multiple times, Google has tried to move past software and go into the physical world. While products like their self driving cars has been a success, products like Google Glass crashed and burned. One line of products that had moderate success was their phones. Google released several models to positive reviews and decent sales, but the competition was too much for them. But times have changed since then. Customers have become increasingly frustrated with Apple and their lack of change. And due to recent events surrounding Samsung, many question if the company can be trusted. Seeing an opening, Google comes back with the Pixel.

Google Pixel is the company’s latest phone, announced in on October 4th and available on the 20th. The phone boasts impressive specs and runs on a new android OS, with many expecting it to be one of the higher quality phones on the market. To ensure they don’t fall flat on their face yet again, Google is putting some money behind some big advertising. Within two days of the announcement, Google put over $3 million into TV ads alone. While the campaign is in full swing, with solid numbers hard to come by, Google is expected to spend millions more leading up to the phone’s launch. With the current market, Google sees an opening and a need they can fill. While the phone has been in development much longer than Apple’s and Samsung’s existing problems, the phone’s release just happens to fall in a very opportunistic time for the company. While the phone’s success may boil down to its reception upon launch, Google’s spending money wherever it can to make sure the Pixel succeeds right out of the gate.

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