Ways to eat healthy on a budget


These 27 genius budget-cooking tips were shared by budget saving people through Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. These tips are useful for ones who want to save money and eat healthy at the same time. Social media users used different platforms to voice out their advice to others who want to save money when it comes to buying groceries. Their advice showed how social media can be used for sharing insights and helpful advice for others. The advice can be useful for moms, college students and people who are trying to eat healthy.

Here are some important tips:

  1. First, plan, plan and plan!: When saving money and staying on a budget it’s important to plan. For instance, plan your weekly meal plan, so you know what you’re gonna eat and you can continue to stay on budget. Also, plan your snacks ahead, so you aren’t tempted to make a pricy purchase.
  2. Stick with the original grocery list: Don’t buy what you don’t need! No impulsive buys. Stick with the original grocery list and it’ll be an instant money saver.
  3. Stay away from the central aisles in the grocery store: Avoid it! Everything for you to live healthier and save money is on the outside aisles. You’ll be surprised at how low your bill will be.
  4. Go for store brands: Don’t be afraid to buy off-brand products! They’re cheaper, but sometimes the off-brand products are more delicious.
  5. Cook large batches of food: Saves money and time. Also, you can portion it throughout the week. Leftovers!
  6. Eat less meat: Meat is often the most expensive part of a meal, so eat more vegetables!
  7. Finally, make sure to always have a couple of meals in your freezer: If you’re too lazy to do the whole cooking process, then these freezer meals will prevent your temptation to go out to eat or order take-out.

These tips are ways of showing how you can eat healthy without spending a lot of money. This advice from others shows social media in a positive light because users are using different platforms to connect and interact with one another.

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