The NFL vs. Social Media

The new Social media rules implemented by the No Fun League and its impacts.


By: Will jenkins


The NFL (or as some refer to it, The No Fun League) has just recently implemented new rules that will apply to all 32 teams regarding the use of the individual teams social media platforms and what they can and cannot post on their various pages. According to Darren Rovell in a recent article he published about the rules, teams will no longer be allowed to record live video in the stadium and post it on twitter or Instagram etc. etc. They cannot use Facebook Live, Periscope or any of those types of social media. Teams will be able to re-post anything that the official NFL accounts have already posted, but that is it. Teams will also be able to use their Snapchat accounts as well.

This obviously limits the amount of content that the teams can post, and this is the exact type of content that their followers want to see. If fans cant find a TV to watch the game, they used to be able to check twitter and see all of the highlights that they may have missed. This limits the interaction the teams can potentially have with their fans which obviously isn’t ideal for maintaining a brand.

Two teams, however, the Cleveland Browns and the Philadelphia Eagles, took subtle jabs at the NFL and their new social media policies during their most recent games this past Sunday. Since they weren’t allowed to show highlights from television or anything actually legit, they created their own. The Browns created their own version of a “highlight” with little toy players and sticks and tweeted it. The tweet got almost 2,000 retweets and almost 3,000 likes. This is the type of backlash the NFL is receiving after implementing these new rules, and unless they begin to fine these teams a hefty amount, the trolling will continue, which is what the NFL definitely does not want.

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