Can You Hear Me Now?

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“Hello, . . . is this thing on?”


Everyone wants to be heard. In fact, given the current state of our nation, politics, Hollywood, etc. I’d venture to say that; everyone needs to be heard. And what better and easier way to be heard than Social Media? On Twitter I have the power to create or contribute to the latest trending topics. Now I can do the same on Facebook, but with more words. Instagram allows me to show others the world from my perspective proving that pictures can indeed speak louder than words.


Let’s not forget Snap Chat, where I can share pictures and videos throughout the day of what I see—be it good or bad. And although I may not have a formal stage or platform, Social Media is a present day microphone to the unknown, unseen and the unheard. To those around me I may be the quiet girl but behind the computer (or phone or tablet), I’ve been given a voice. Social Media sites have given a voice to people who usually remain unheard.


Social Media gives voice to anyone no matter his or her status; everyone has the opportunity to be heard. Not only can I be heard but I can also speak on behalf of others. Maybe I can stand up for a group of people who feel they have no voice. Maybe I had crappy service at a restaurant, I can warn others not to visit them. Although, someone else’s experience at the exact same restaurant might have been totally different from mine. But through the power of Social Media, I can influence the choices of others.

It may seem like my influence would be easier if I were a celebrity or politician, but Social Media has given everyone the ability to influence others with the simple click of a button. Social Media disregards status and unites people based on common concerns. So no matter who I am or where I live, I have the power to influence those around me—by what I choose to share or say online. I’m no longer just another human being but I’m someone with a voice that can be heard all around the world. The kicker is that I never have to leave my home to do it.



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