Discover with Snapchat

By Stephanie Badillo


Snapchat started off as a photo-messaging app. The creators from Stanford University wanted a way to have the photos disappear within seconds of being viewed. The app then grew in popularity among millennials because of that exact reason.

Since then Snapchat has really innovated itself. It is far more than just a photo-messaging app. You can now send videos and money. Snapchat has added face-recognition to add a filter to your selfies. Most importantly, to a journalism student like myself, snapchat has “Discover.”


(Photo source: Social Ogilvy)

Snapchat Discover is feature that has: news, entertainment, travel, recipes, and sports at the tip of your fingers. What makes Snapchat discover different from other social media apps is how conveniently short the information is. It is start to the point, yet does not leave out anything important. It has exciting background music and eye-catching visuals that keep your attention at all times. All are very important features to keep the attention of millennials.

Snapchat has the power to bring the world together with it’s discover feature. They go “Live” to different parts of the world that are either celebrating a holiday like India’s Holi Festival of Colors or just following people who are spending a day in Cape Town, South Africa. It is real footage of cities and cultures around the world, with interesting facts being given by the geo-stamp or by the person recording. It helps us keep an open mind about foreign places and gives excellent PR to places that don’t get enough credit.


(Photo source: techcrunch)

News agencies on snapchat discover include: Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan, ESPN, CNN, National Geographic, Vice, and People. The pages are updated every day at 5 pm. Therefore; the news content is always filled with the most recent stories. News agencies also have the ability to present their investigative journalism through snapchat. On slow news day, Vice and CNN like to have their Snapchat Discover page focus one main topic. For example, Vice News had their whole segment on incarceration in the United States, after President Obama visited a prison in Oklahoma.


(Photo Source: Social Ogilvy)


Facebook’s Mark Zuckerburg offered to buy Snapchat for $3 billion back in 2014 and the founders declined. It is now worth $18 billion and expected to be at $25 billion when they hit the public stocks on Wall Street next March.



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