Instagram fame vs. Real life

Anakarin Petersen

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Lifestyle bloggers have become extremely influential and popular in our generation. Being a blogger has now become a full-time job for some, and many believe it is a glamorous and perfect world. What fans and followers do not know is what is behind the perfect picture on instagram or snapchat stories, all they see is the glamour and the thoughts of “I wish that was me!” and general envy. Recently, a story came out about an instagram user named Louise Delage, she is a normal 25 year-old from Paris who gained 66,000 followers in just over a month of creating this account. Louise posted pictures of her and her friends hanging out, traveling, going to dinner, shopping, going out etc. Her life looked like a fun stress-free, perfect life for anyone her age.

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But what her followers did not know is that everything was not real. She posted a video where she revealed that she was the part of “Like my addiction” campaign by an advertising agency. In the video were all her pictures played back to back and they each focuses on the alcoholic drinks she was holding or showcasing. This video opened the eyes of her followers to see that in almost all pictures she is consuming alcohol. The video ended up having 500,000 views. The campaign aimed to bring awareness about addiction and alcoholism among the social media centric generation. The campaigned was made to showcase how difficult it is to detect addiction of someone close or someone you see on social media. The agency studied fashion bloggers to incorporate habits; she posted two to three posts per day during high traffic. It was interesting to see how the social media community reacted to this campaign. I also found it very effective and an eye-opener for me.


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