Ken Bone For President?


Photo courtesy of: Ken Bone

By: Kidd Campbell


The internet always takes a liking to random things that the general public believes no one would ever care about. Well the internet has surprised us again by finding a political figure with an insanely high approval rating, Kenneth Bone.

This St. Louis red sweater clad man walked his way into the hearts of voters everywhere when he asked about energy independence during the town hall debate last Sunday. The internet found his twitter within moments and the man went from having seven followers, two of which were his grandmother, and reached 700 followers by the time he got home to check his computer. He now has 250 thousand followers with a surprising economic footprint where he now has his own T-shirt and logo. He even calls his page, “The Movement.” This of course is in reference to Donald Trump’s naming of his electorate.


Photo courtesy of: Ken Bone

But why have we made this man our electorate savior? He is a power plant worker with an average life and an opposite of super human physique. Could it be that he represents the current idea America has about ourselves. A surprisingly adorable middle class man with a mustache and a wool sweater? Either way he will be one of the major moments of the debates. A check point in our memories for when this election of “Crooks” and “Deplorables” turned into a sudden realization that we rather vote for an overweight middle class American over our own elected politicians.



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