LinkedIn’s new feature for currently employed, actively looking candidates

Written by Gabrielle Ebron (@gabrielleebron)

The gist

LinkedIn plans to roll out new updates that will allow users to set their status to such that shows prospective jobs they are actively looking – although currently employed elsewhere.

According to a TechCrunch article, “Open Candidates” is a new feature that allows account holders to set their page in a way that job recruiters know they are interested in changing jobs and being contacted. LinkedIn has been known for setting abilities that allows users to discreetly view other’s page but, this feature will bridge the gap of job candidates wanting privacy but also wanting to be noticed by employers.

Not to be worried, your current company and any recruiters affiliated with it cannot see this “open” signal – which many fear may jeopardize their current positions.


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Take away                                

It is neat to see the ironic contrast of how many recruiters would search by using the anonymous browser feature and now candidates are able to make themselves more visible to possible future employers.

This feature has its pros and cons as all things social media do. One of the major cons is that the only companies who have ability to view this are those who use LinkedIn’s premium service. This means that if the companies you are interested in making the switch to are not paying thousands of dollars for premium service, you could likely find that the Open Candidate function does not benefit you.

Another downside regarding the ‘premium only’ limitations on company access to the feature is that smaller companies that do not have the funds or desire for upgrading to a premium plan may be missing out on great candidates who are already active professionals and looking to change. However, a pro of this is that it may drive sales for LinkedIn as companies realize that they have to stay in the loop to stay in competition – even if that means dishing out thousands of dollars a month/year to ensure they are stay on top of the game.

As social media platforms change their layouts, add features and reshape the way we go about life, we find ourselves, our employers and those around us becoming more and more accustomed to a “click-of-a-button” lifestyle.



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